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We transform the art and cultural sector into a sustainable circular economy.

Lucrative Dumpster Dives (LDD) is a cultural foundation developed to connect and inspire organisations and artists alike to create a sustainable and circular art and culture sector. It brings circularity and sustainability from within the arts to make a positive impact in society. By walking the walk of practical engagements, we aim to inspire and transform the art and cultural sector with long-term behaviour change and a mindset towards sustainability.

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LDD nurtures a community of diverse individuals that work together towards a common vision of sustainability and mutual support for a healthy ecosystem. We do this by collaborating on a broad range of cultural projects throughout varied pockets of society.

The goal is to forge a cohesive and inclusive circular economy for society, by fostering crossover connections from a broad demographic. This includes individuals and professionals from various walks of life and backgrounds, artists, business, foundations, and the art and creative industry. This will result in new connections and forge longevity for strong sustainable ventures.

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